The 2018 Global SDG Awards contenders represent private sector sustainability leadership from across industries and services. These inspiring businesses are at the forefront of a shift toward responsible operations, materials sourcing and supply chain management. By developing new products and services based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), these companies are uniquely positioned for global growth and impact. We invite you to share our 2018 Winners Press Release and the case-studies below to inspire your friends and colleagues for positive impact.
The winners from this year’s competition are breaking barriers, challenging convention, investing for impact and leveraging new technologies to strengthen their competitive advantages. With winners from Australia, Afghanistan, Canada, Japan, South Africa, the UK and USA, the results of the 2018 Global SDG Awards demonstrate that private-sector SDG leadership, investment and innovation is truly a global phenomenon.


From our Farms to Your Forks - Ripple Farms is growing Toronto’s freshest greens and seafood 365 days of the year.

Waste into change - Green Standards helps clients decommission their used office equipment by giving it a new life.

ProxiCash is a social and economic inclusion initiative, increasing bank account ownership and accessibility.

Mommy Monitor is a non-clinical maternal health app that customizes maternal health care & simplifies pregnancies.

ChargeLab democratizes smart infrastructure, making it easier to promote and manage zero-emission mobility.

Carbon Gold develops and promotes the use of biochar to rebuild degraded soils, sequester carbon, & optimize biology

Firewire builds sustainable surfboards and accessories through innovative design, materials and construction methods.

MANTA helps vulnerable Vietnamese fishermen use their ocean skills for sail and ocean survival training for children.

Winnow helps the food service industry plan more effectively, cook smarter and create a sustainable future for all.

The EM-ONE Innovation Lab is a technology-testing centre that reduces entry barriers in the Nigerian energy sector.

Brave Soles up-cycles tires for shoe soles, engaging & supporting micro-entrepreneurs in vulnerable communities.

Oliver Russell is dedicated to achieving the SDGs through volunteer programs and gender equality initiatives.

Secure Futures helps governments and not-for-profits to go solar, lowering their costs & carbon footprint.

The Hippo Roller improves women’s and children’s ability to collect more water, empowering their education.

Goldcorp launches Canada’s 1st all-electric underground gold mine & improves local working conditions.

Bird is an electric scooter sharing company dedicated to low-cost, environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

Envirofit’s innovative stove-tops help improve indoor air quality & reduce energy costs for rural populations.

Evrnu transforms textile waste into high-quality new fibers, enabling responsible consumption and production.

Roshan leverages technology to improve services in Afghanistan’s healthcare, education and financial industries.

Beautycounter intentionally bans harmful ingredients & advocates for consumer protections in the beauty industry.

GROSCHE has funded over 100 million days-worth of safe drinking water with sustainable bio-sand water filters.

Leanpath addresses global food waste with integrated hardware & software solutions for culinary destinations.

Compugen offers in-house, award-winning solutions to address end-of-life electronic waste and technology.

EPAM invests in educational programs and career development, training students to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Crystal-clear water from tap to ocean – Dopper supports the SDGs through education, empowerment and investment.

Azuri offers affordable energy alternatives to African customers that traditionally rely on harmful fossil fuels.

Umicore becomes the 1st company to achieve 3rd party verification for CENELEC precious metal treatment standard.

International SOS encourages behaviour changes and chronic diseases preventive actions to decrease NCD risk factors.

Toast Ale brews amazing beer from the UK's supply of surplus bread. Their ales have been called the best thing since...

Participate’s online platform helps improve education with new innovative learning experiences, tools and resources.