A Partnership For Building Resilient Businesses Through Resource Consumption Management



Enviro-Stewards is a "Best for the World" B Corp that cultivates resilient businesses by reducing water, energy and resource consumption in developed countries and empowering safe water social ventures in developing countries. A partnership with the Walmart Foundation, Provision Coalition and CCFI is to complete food loss prevention projects and another is with NGOs to adapt the safe water social venture model. Our commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is outlined below.

SDG 2 and 12: Zero Hunger and Responsible Consumption and Production:

One third of all food production is wasted. Surprisingly, the majority of investment spent on this challenge focuses on more efficient ways to destroy this food (biogas plants, composting facilities, effluent treatment). This siloed approach produces some benefit by reducing GHG emissions from landfills. However, if we focused on avoiding the loss of food, we would have much greater financial savings and environmental benefit (by avoiding embedded GHG, water and other losses), supporting targets from many other SDGs.

Enviro-Stewards, Provision Coalition, and the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity have partnered with Walmart Foundation to complete 50 demonstration assessments across Canada to shift the paradigm from food waste management to food loss prevention. Notably, a national award winning assessment with Campbell Soup identified 6 measures that would collectively avoid the loss of 938 tonnes of food, save $706,000/yr, and avoid 4,000 tonnes/yr of embedded GHG emissions. And a partnership with three national governments (through the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC)), is incorporating a case study from Beau’s Brewery into a Practical Guide to motivate others to secure the economic, environmental and social gains available through food loss prevention.

SDGs 1, 6 and 8: No Poverty, Clean Water, Decent Work and Economic Growth:

Unsafe water has killed more people than all wars combined, and a billion people still do not have access to safe water. Meanwhile, many families in developing countries spend 10 times more on treatment of water related illnesses than it would cost them to purchase a water purification system.

The Safe Water Project founded by Enviro-Stewards, partnered with grassroots NGOs, charities, governments and our customer network to empower social ventures to construct, sell and maintain locally produced water purifiers. As documented in a TEDx talk, this award winning social venture model has succeeded in challenging locations such as the slums of Nairobi and war torn South Sudan and Northern Uganda. Representatives from charity-based water projects in 10 African countries met with our staff to learn how to adapt the social venture-based model to their contexts. At their request, the safe water project boardgame, entrepreneurship training, and sales agent training materials are presently being adapted to urban and rural settings in multiple countries.


Enviro-Stewards is reframing the conversation about sustainability and business, offering holistic, innovative and sustainable solutions to maximize productivity, minimize resource consumption and drive a positive social outcome.

Enviro-Stewards is a B Corporation that has met the rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency to redefine success in business.

We take our responsibility to make the world a better place seriously, and we have received the highest possible awards in recognition of our contributions.

Enviro-Stewards is dedicated to helping organizations build resiliency and implement sustainable processes so that they can make a difference in their industry, their community, and beyond.