Bringing Power At Scale To Off-Grid Customers In Rural Markets


Azuri is addressing the problem of energy access in Sub-Saharan Africa which affects more than 600 million people. Azuri Quad Pay-As-You-Go Solar Home System featuring HomeSmart™ artificial intelligence technology offers an affordable alternative to the millions of people across the continent who don't have access to grid electricity and rely on harmful fossil fuels, batteries and other climate impacting alternatives. Azuri continues to raise funds to support its growth strategy via investors, development finance institutions and leading online investing platforms such as crowd funding platforms.

Since 2016, Azuri has delivered solar home systems to 12 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and changed more than 750,000 lives in the process. A pioneer in pay-as-you-go solar home systems, Azuri aims to bring clean and affordable energy to over 5 million people outside the power grid over the next five years.


Azuri Technologies is a commercial provider of PayGo solar systems to rural off-grid communities. With the widest reach of any provider in sub Saharan Africa, the company is addressing the problem of energy access which affects the 1.3 billion people around the world who lack access to the grid.

Azuri has used mobile technology to turn a development challenge into a business challenge through its Azuri solar home systems, which allow users to pay for solar power on a pay-as-you-go basis, just like they do for their phones and kerosene. This provides clean, safe renewable power to families at about half the cost of the kerosene it replaces, without the need for any government subsidies or tariffs.

The service model is simple: Azuri has a touchpoint once a week with customers when they add credit to their Azuri unit. A sophisticated cloud-based distribution management system not only allows technicians to monitor in real time customer status information but also provides access to training and systems information in real time from a computer or phone.

Azuri works with an ecosystem of distributors, service agents, installers and local entrepreneurs comprising an end-to-end value chain that incentivizes all actors to ensure the systems work for the customers.

In this way, Azuri delivers local employment in the community, allowing local partners and entrepreneurs to be able to grow a profitable and sustainable business within their community.