From Tap To Ocean: Eliminating The Need For Plastic Bottles


Crystal-clear water from tap to ocean – this is the shared dream of Dopper and the Dopper Foundation. Together, these two organizations support the SDGs with education, inspiration and investments.

Dopper promotes a reusable water bottle design to discourage the need for single-use plastic bottles. The Dopper Foundation provides students with grants to research plastic and access to water. It also educates and inspires other change-makers through participation in think tanks and juries, workshops, public events, lectures and with a documentary about change-making in Nepal.  All of this will help us turn the tide on plastic pollution.

People need clean drinking water before they can opt for sustainable alternatives to bottled water, and the Dopper Foundation is investing in universal access to safe drinking water. Ever since the very first water bottle was sold, Dopper has been donating funds to the Simavi water projects in Nepal, and has contributed to the installation of 473 water points and 2,674 toilets. 11,889 people have received better access to drinking water, and 19,992 people now have access to sanitary facilities.

In January 2017 we launched a new project together with our local partner Sebacto provide at least 10,000 people with access to clean drinking water in the next three years.


Dopper’s mission is to achieve a world in which people are conscious of the environment we live in, where the amount of single-use plastic is reduced and where everyone, near and far, has access to safe drinking water.

  1. Dopper aims to achieve this through the following three pillars of thought:Creating awareness regarding the impact of single-use plastic waste and inspiring people to initiate a change.
  2. Offering an innovative product line of sustainable design bottles for drinking water.
  3. Increasing access to safe drinking water for people around the world.


Dopper is a social enterprise. Our goal is not to make a profit – we want to make a positive impact for a better world. Therefore, we look at the impact that our product has and use the Cradle to Cradle concept. We maximize recycling and minimize destruction.