Supporting The Future With Professional Development & Life-Long Learning


EPAM, a leader in software engineering, recognizes that to meet the challenges of the future; educational facilities and organizations must transform traditional training methods. By investing in educational programs, career development and IT communities, our program is focused on educating the students of today for the challenges of tomorrow.

As one of the fastest growing global technology services companies in the world, EPAM is uniquely concerned with ensuring that fast growth is also sustainable for ourselves and for our communities. Education is the main pillar in our three-pronged sustainability initiative, with a focus on creating local and global opportunities to engage our employees and our communities in life-long learning. The core component of this sustainable learning program is our work with children in encouraging their curiosity and love for technology in all of its forms and applications. We’ve worked with globally renowned experts and our local influencers to develop a portfolio of programs designed to engage, excite and elicit creativity and passion for technology learning of all kinds in children all over the world.

According to the Worldwide Educating for the Future Index "The education system must evolve and prepare for complexities of working in the information age. Changing labour needs will also require a competitive workforce." EPAM recognized that to be ready to solve the business challenges of the future, the company would need to invest in skills development in multiple ways and at multiple levels.

Taking a holistic view to education, EPAM has invested in both employee career development, while also actively supporting the external IT community through sponsorship of elementary, secondary and university programs.

Internally, EPAM’s Career Development Program ensures that all employees have access to technical and soft skills training. Offering employees an opportunity to connect with some of the world’s brightest minds, EPAM is able to thrive at a time where employee retention is a critical differentiator.

Externally, EPAM recognized that many of today’s educational systems are unequipped to teach the skills that youths need for tomorrow’s economy. Schools are focused on a knowledge-based approach while enterprises require employees with hands-on experience. EPAM’s University program began at the same time as the company’s inception in 1993 and has impacted over 22,000 students across 43 partner universities. The program’s mission is to equip university students with the competitive skills they need for the global IT sector by offering cutting-edge, industry-relevant training. EPAM’s University and Student labs program spans across all the locations the company operates and works with local universities to not only enrich their curricula in engineering, but also in key skills like consulting. After graduation, many of these students put their tech knowledge to work by starting their careers at EPAM – since its inception, over 10,000+ students have been hired.

EPAM eKids program encourages young girls and boys to explore software engineering by utilizing the Scratch platform developed by MIT. Over 800 EPAMers have donated more than 21,000 volunteer hours to mentor students and teach them how to code. EPAM eKids is currently operating in 17 countries with over 1,500 eKids participating. The program also aims to eliminate gender disparities in education through IT education, teach young girls how to code, help them gain confidence, and make them believe coding is not for boys only.

EPAM’s eKids initiatives and school programs inspire elementary and secondary school students to explore and learn the basics behind the technology that is shaping their future. EPAM established several partnerships with non-profit organizations and universities that support IT education.

Both programs aim to increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills EPAM doesn’t only support education but the programs also helps to build and upgrade education facilities by providing computers, LCD projectors, whiteboards, furniture, maintenance services to schools and universities.


EPAM’s corporate services help businesses transform. Their multi-disciplinary teams combine business expertise with design thinking, world-class engineering, modern operations practices and knowledge of leading tools and frameworks to optimize performance.

EPAM is serious about social responsibility. In addition to the eKids program, EPAM is dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint, and has developed a Carbon Footprint Calculator to increase employee awareness and encourage small adjustments to daily activities to further reduce environmental impact.  The company also participates in the responsible reuse and recycling of end-of-life electronics and computers in partnership with Sims Recycling Solutions. Through this partnership, they ensure data security, lower logistics costs, and access an online client portal to track materials through the disposition process.