Preventing Food Waste With Software & Advanced Technology


Leanpath addresses global food waste at scale with integrated hardware/software solutions for food waste prevention in culinary sites. Operating in 29 countries and 1,700+ sites, our vision is to ensure a sustainable future by eliminating global food waste, and our mission is to make food waste prevention everyday practice in the world’s kitchens.

One of the best ways to contribute to a world without hunger while positively impacting the environment is to reduce the staggering level of global food waste annually. As a WRAP colleague recently noted, LeanPath created the equipment that spawned an industry to do just that. By focusing on the top level of the Food Recovery hierarchy - source reduction - we maximize impact through the entire food supply chain.

Since inception, we have continuously learned about the food waste challenge, working with foodservice clients to assess operational needs and innovating to develop measurement-focused products to meet them. Our success lies in our patented integration ability. We unite hardware (bench scales, cameras, tablets, displays) with cutting-edge, customized software enabling culinarians to track all food waste in their kitchens. Each transaction is weighed, and critical data (ex. Food type, waste reason, disposition code) is captured in seconds through a customized user-interface. Our landmark bench scale marries this data with a digital picture of the wasted food, and all details are stored in a cloud-based database. The data feed a robust analytics platform, allowing clients to study the drivers of their food waste with high granularity. Our integrated dashboard provides highly impactful graphics and reporting features, including waste overview summaries, participation and trend reports, and talking points for weekly meetings. Alert, goal setting, and reward features supplement the process. By bringing hardware, software, and people together with a measurement focus, LeanPath drives efficiencies by empowering organizations to halve food waste while preventing its recurrence.


Leanpath’s mission is simple: to ensure a sustainable future by eliminating global food waste. The solution? Make food waste prevention and measurement everyday practice in the world’s kitchens.

We believe front-line foodservice workers are the real change agents in the global fight against food waste. We empower them with technology and coaching to have a meaningful impact on the environment, at the same time they improve their kitchen’s efficiency. Since 2014 alone, Leanpath-empowered culinary teams have prevented over 25 million pounds of food from being wasted.