Providing Clean & Efficient Cookstoves For People All Around The World


Envirofit is a social enterprise that has been working for the past decade to design and deliver energy solutions for consumers living in energy poverty to tackle the challenge of household cooking. Envirofit has pioneered a new technology and service model called SmartGas that enables families to pay-as-you-cook for gas using mobile money.

Nearly half the world’s population cooks with biomass. Open fire cooking represents the world’s largest environmental public health challenge contributing to climate change, deforestation, disability and mortality, while keeping families in the cycle of poverty to collect or purchase fuel for daily cooking. Household Air Pollution from open cooking fires kills 4.3 million people a year - more than HIV, Malaria and TB combined. Globally families who cook with traditional methods spend on average up to four hours each day gathering fuel, or spend up to 30% of their income purchasing fuel. Despite the efforts to solve these challenges, the number of people relying on biomass will increase to 2.7 billion by 2030 because of population growth.

Universal energy access require scalable solutions. Envirofit was founded on the idea that enterprise principles can transform the development of energy technologies in emerging markets and deliver impact at scale. In 2003, with a goal of improving harmful traditional cooking methods, Envirofit set out to change the way energy products were designed for people living in emerging markets and works to create life-transforming products and services that people desire and are willing to buy.

Over the past decade Envirofit has designed and delivered clean cooking products and services for families as they transition up the energy ladder from wood to charcoal, to LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). Envirofit’s cooking products and services enable families to cook faster while reducing fuel use, smoke, and toxic emissions.

Today, Envirofit has business units in East Africa, West Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and has impacted 8 million people worldwide, prevented 25 million tons of CO2 emissions, saved families $206 million in fuel costs, and created 2,600 jobs. In 2017 Envirofit launched a new SmartGas program that is revolutionizing access to affordable clean fuel through LPG smart meter technology that allows families to Pay-As-You-Cook using mobile money. Cooking with gas is now safe- with installation by trained professionals, accessible- with home delivery before gas runs out, and affordable- with Pay-As-You-Cook financing. Envirofit’sSmartMeter also monitors gas consumption, to track real-time cookstove adoption for the first time.

The advent of nanofinance opens more possibilities for reaching the underserved than ever before by allowing customers flexible payments of smaller sums. It is the next evolutionary step in sustainably serving low and middle-income households, and brings the bank to the kitchen, merging clean energy with affordable financing solutions.


Envirofit International is a certified B Corporation that innovates smart energy products and services that improve lives on a global scale. Using a market-based approach, Envirofit develops a global product line of smart clean cooking technologies that cook faster while reducing fuel use, smoke, and toxic emissions. Serving more than 5 million people in energy poverty, Envirofit’s smart stoves reduce climate change, create new jobs, and enable families to save money.

Envirofit has developed three SMAART programs.  SMAAART Businesses works with financing organizations, small businesses, small holder farmers and women’s groups to develop sustainable local cookstove businesses. It is working to build the global business case for investing in female cookstove entrepreneurs through an innovative training program.  SMAAART Scale is a collaboration with the Government of Honduras, where Envirofit has custom-designed a stove specific to the needs of 1.5 million Hondurans and others in Latin America. SMAAART Response provides rapid production and supply of cookstoves for conflict, emergency, and relief situations around the globe, and has contributed to relief efforts in Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Nepal, and Haiti.