Simple Ideas Changing Lives in Water-Stressed Communities


With hundreds of millions of women and children struggling daily for this basic human right (access to water), the Hippo Roller makes an immediate, and profound impact, significantly improving their ability to collect more water, more efficiently, and empowering them to spend more time on education & other important tasks in the home, and community.

The overall vision for Hippo Roller is to bring clean water to those who need it. 2.1 billion people lack access to safe water in the home, spending a disproportionately high percentage of their day simply collecting water. This time could be better spent on education, health, work and play.

Our goal is to help women and childrenunlock a better life, health, education and future. The Hippo Roller, invented in 1991, has impacted the lives of millions of people in rural communities, who struggle with the daily chore of fetching water. Whilst at face value, the Hippo Roller eases this burden of collecting water, its real value stems from it saving time and unlocking opportunity for a better life. Better health. Better education. A better future.

The gift of time will profoundly improve the lives of Hippo Roller users. Small-scale farmers, in particular, get the benefit of not only water for the household but also more water to irrigate vegetable gardens and crops, supporting their move from subsistence to commercial sustainability and opportunity. Our primary focus is on partnering appropriately with major corporates, NGOs and Government bodies actively targeting sustainable solutions to water access challenges.


Hippo Roller makes it extremely easy to collect water in tough rural conditions - up to 5x more water than a single bucket, by simply rolling it along the ground. The Hippo Roller is very user friendly for women, children and physically weak as it makes the transportation of water much less strenuous than traditional methods. 

While the Hippo Roller is not a permanent water solution, it does offer an immediate and appropriate response to the issues surrounding water access and food security. The benefits enjoyed by the users are experienced immediately unlike many projects that require extensive time and money before results are seen. Improved health and hygiene due to improved access to water results in higher levels of energy for increased productivity, which improves morale and personal dignity.

Hippo Roller is also involved in social investment, partnering with business, governments and NGOs to help smallholder and informal communities improve access to water, food security and income generation with the roller and related products.