On-Site, Resilient Solar Solutions For Schools, Hospitals & Governments


As a commercial-scale solar development and B Corp company, Secure Futures actively works to engage non-taxable entities such as schools, hospitals, government buildings, and non-profits to go solar.

The local Harrisonburg non-profit, Gift & Thrift, installed over 300 solar panels through Secure Futures. Secure Futures designed, financed, owns, and operates this 107 kW rooftop system. It delivers over 45% of Gift & Thrift’s total electrical usage as clean solar energy. Furthermore, they were able to receive additional savings through a combination of 50 volunteers. This includes local citizens and Secure Futures staff volunteering their time to install the rooftop solar panels.

The system will last Gift & Thrift for 35 years, and they will see savings on each monthly electricity bill as they buy solar power, not solar panels, through Secure Futures. We are able to offer them a rate lower than their traditional electric utility from Harrisonburg, which allows this local non-profit to save money and focus on their cause.

Every dollar Gift & Thrift receives as savings from their solar panels goes directly to the global relief and development work of Mennonite Central Committee. For every dollar customers spend, the Mennonite Central Committee will receive at least $1.50 over 20 years, and up to $6.00 when they are able to buy their panels outright at an extremely discounted cost.

In addition to the financial relief, the Secure Futures system offers environmental benefits and a reduced carbon footprint, resulting in:

  • An offset of 1,850 metric tons of CO2 each year, equal to 45 acres of forest
  • A savings of 2,650 barrels of oil, equal to the annual energy use of 335 average U.S. homes
  • A net savings of at least $340,000 in electric bills
  • The education and inspiration of volunteers, customers, and supporters to install their own solar panels
  • An economic, green model for other non-profits to follow


Secure Futures is proud of this project because it allows us to give back to the local community doing what we do best. Since this project, we have done other volunteer installation efforts, similar to the Gift & Thrift project, at Daniel’s Run Peace Church and Eastern Mennonite University.


Secure Futures offers on-site, commercial-scale resilient solar power solutions without capital investment to clients in Virginia and Washington, DC. We offer state-of-the-art solar technology with an innovative business model to make commercial-scale solar readily available in Virginia, helping customers to realize the economic, environmental and community benefits of solar energy.

The company currently owns and operates more than four megawatts of solar properties in Virginia, which will save more than 63,160 tons of CO2 over their 35-year lifetime.  The company aims to contract an addition 20 MW by the end of 2019.

Secure Futures designs, develops, finances, owns and operates on-site solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions for schools, hospitals, governments as well as businesses to enhance their sustainability goals and to reduce their electricity costs.

Our solar energy systems protect against future electricity price increases through 20-year solar service agreements. We pass along tax savings to our tax-exempt customers and provide opportunities to purchase on-site solar arrays at fair market value after an initial period. We use Made-in-America solar panels and other equipment while seeking to source labor and professional services locally.

We are also a leader in helping Virginia to implement public policy that encourages solar power.