Your Soul Will Feel Good in Brave Soles: Made From Recycled Tires


Since 2006, our co-founder, Christal Earle has been collaborating with landfill workers all over the world. There is everything imaginable in those garbage dumps, but one of the things there that surprised her was the number of tires that are thrown away.

Many countries like the Dominican Republic don’t know what else to do with those tires. They are often burned, putting everyone at greater risk. They leach chemicals into the earth. They also become a favored breeding ground for mosquitoes with the standing water. Those mosquitoes carry diseases such as dengue and some of Christal’s friends from the dumps were dying from the dangers that the tires were creating.

The idea for our upcycled tire soles came as a flash of inspiration while talking with a friend about a new pair of leather sandals. What began as a spark of an idea became a full-fledged operation within 5 months.

All of our suppliers work in a very small scale. They are micro-entrepreneurs and they often living in vulnerable situations and communities. Through our work with them, we are able to co-create a different future, first through our upcycling and secondly through our employment that we provide.

Our business exists to offer our customers a different way to see the power of their choices in action. Through our engaged indie sales team members, we provide in person shopping experiences, as well as opportunities to learn about how they can continue to think differently about all of their consumer choices.

Our business model is very straightforward: we keep our processes simple and traceable and we work with our team to distribute our products through all possible channels.

Our items are manufactured in extremely small batches and handmade all along the way. We upcycle all materials possible and incorporate those materials into our designs.

Brave Soles' mission is to give global fashion consumers beautiful choices that give them a sense of pride in the story behind what they own AND to create pathways for the people who work with us to realize their own dreams and prosperity.

Brave Soles is female owned, ethically produced and globally inspired. We believe in work done with dignity, sustainable fashion and a future that we can all create together. Fashion is important to us, but our people are the most important part of Brave Soles.

We are co-creating the future through ethical employment and enterprise; while some of our team is employed directly through us, most of the faces behind Brave Soles products are contracted suppliers, able to set their own prices, hours and locations of work.  We consider them to be our partners in every way.

We believe that we need to start with what we can change and strive to get better every step along the way. Our shoe soles are made with 100% skilled human power, made in natural daylight, and do not involve any chemical processes.

Our leather is sourced in Dominican Republic, as well as from Argentina and Mexico. We are doing our best to continue to move the bar forward on some of our items through using up-cycled leather that is sourced from the remnants of furniture makers, airplane seats, and other industries with usable leather.

We are also seeking to use alternative materials on some of our upcoming items, including vegetable dyed leather, vegan leather and other options.

However, one thing we are completely committed to is to have our processes monitored by a third party. We are proud to partner with Green Story and to have 100% transparency in what is currently measurable.

To date, Brave Soles products have upcycled over 700 tires, which has removed emissions equivalent of 87 cars off the roads for a day. Because the tire upcycling process is human-powered, Brave Soles has also saved nearly 120,000 hours of lightbulb energy.