Meeting Today’s Energy Needs Without Compromising Tomorrow


Nigeria has the largest electricity-demand gap in all of Africa. Over 85 million Nigerians are under-served or unconnected and are willing and able to pay for power but have limited options available to them due to crumbling infrastructure. This is a huge opportunity for donors, developers, and technology providers to enter the off-grid market with their respective solutions.

However, the strongest barriers of entry to deploying these off-grid solutions are the soft costs associated with deploying customized solutions, which stems from a lack of information about the market.

The EM-ONE Innovation Lab provides the solutions for these multiple players to enter the market. The Innovation Lab is a technology-testing, data-analyzing and system-simulating centre where we aim to reduce the entry barriers in one of the largest markets/opportunities in the sector/space.

The objective of EM-ONE's Innovation Lab is to increase investment from multiple stakeholders into Nigeria’s off-grid power sector by decreasing cost of project development and implementation, and by improving the technologies available to address the evolving market.

This will be done by developing and furthering our market intelligence through data collection and analysis. Data will be analyzed by our database, which will categorize different end-user's load profiles to then have standardized references on which to test technologies.

Different technologies would then be tested, and systems’ performance simulated would provide investors with a "proof of concept" to provide them with the confidence to invest in the space. From the onset, the soft-costs of project development (project system sizing, lack of local knowledge, lack of quality control) will be reduced, as the Innovation Lab will simulate systems before their construction, all while building local capacity.


Em-One combines human ingenuity with innovative technology to achieve its goals in sustainable energy, energy access and electricity infrastructure. We provide solutions that accelerate access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy through decentralized energy solutions, and develop scalable and quick to deploy clean energy solutions to solve rural electrification challenges. In addition to this, we provide design consulting, project management service and EPC for critical infrastructure improvement projects.

We currently have projects in the Borno, Lagos and Kaduna states of Nigeria.