Advanced Performance Surfboards Made With Innovative Materials to Improve Sustainability


Firewire is dedicated to building high performance surfboards and accessories. Through innovative design, materials and construction methods, Firewire strives to have the lowest possible impact on the environment while giving back to the global surf community by supporting various environmental and humanitarian organizations.

All of Firewire’s surfboards and accessories are designed and built with two goals in mind:

  1. Improve the surfing experience as much as possible.
  2. Impact the environment as little as possible.

Firewire achieve these objectives while supporting the global surf community through engagement with environmental and humanitarian organizations such as Surf Aid, Surfrider Foundation, Parley for the Oceans, Surfers against Sewage, Share the Stoke Foundation, Save the Waves and more. The company thrives on the philosophy that giving back to its community is the only path to true success as a sustainable enterprise, regardless of business performance.

This sense of purpose has driven the whole team at Firewire, Slater Designs and Tomo Surfboards to feel a deep-seated obligation to operate their business in the most sustainable way possible. This mission has led to the design of sustainable surfboards: adopting Entropy bio-resin, a zero-waste by 2020 goal, and the upcycling of EPS waste to create durable garden pavers are just a few of the initiatives in store for Firewind. It’s truly a privilege to put #TheFutureUnderYourFeet.


Every surfboard, traction pad and leash that Firewire builds is designed with a simple, single goal in mind: to maximize the surfing experience while minimizing environmental impact. Each board and accessory is designed to use sustainable materials that don’t only eliminate waste, but help to improve water systems so that surfers – and others - can enjoy clean oceans for generations to come.

Slater Designs, Firewire’s accessory line, collaborates with BLOOM Foam to create the world’s most eco-friendly traction pad. High-performance and flexible, BLOOM is a foam made from freshwater algae biomass in habitats at risk of toxic algal bloom. Removing the algae on the cusp of this process helps to improve waterways, recirculate fresh water back into the habitat, sequester CO2 capture and prevent harm to the local ecosystem. Algae is scraped from these habitats, dried, pulverized and formed into the foam used by, among others, Firewire’s traction pads.  These pads are lighter than conventional foams, more durable and possess higher shock absorption.

Slater Designs also boasts security leashes made from recycled plastic water bottles, Urethane and Yulex. A collaboration with Revolwe, the leashes boast an 80 per cent carbon footprint reduction that is both durable and comfortable.

One hundred per cent of Firewire’s surfboard production is in accordance with Level One or Gold Level ECOBOARD certification through Sustainable Surf. In addition to using sustainable materials in board design, Firewire has developed a way to upcycle EPS foam dust waste into paving stones. In all, benefits of Firewire surfboards include:

  • 2 % VOC emissions during lifetime vs. conventional boards
  • 18 % Entropy Super Sap Bio-Resin on Helium and LFT models
  • 38% Entropy Super Sap Bop-Resin on Timbertek model
  • 100% EPS waste upcycled to create durable garden pavers
  • 100 % Ecoboard certified

It’s a privilege to put #TheFutureUnderYourFeet.