The Canadian Expert In Accessible & Affordable Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions


ChargeLab builds open software for managing electric vehicle charging stations. Our platform democratizes smart infrastructure, making it easier for businesses, governments, and electric utilities to promote zero-emission mobility. While dozens of established companies and new start-ups focus on EV charging hardware, ChargeLab is focused entirely on software for managing how EVs charge and aggregating usage data. Our software connects to EV chargers to gather usage data, manage electricity loads, and act as a platform for other transactions.

ChargeLab’s platform is differentiated from other solutions by being 100% open and interoperable. Competitors focus on vertically integrated solutions (locking software and hardware together). The platform provides businesses, governments, and utilities with the flexibility they need to connect any charging station compliant with open protocols, and to create grid-scale interventions.

Electric vehicles do not only have to be an energy sink: they can also be an energy source. In the long run, our platform will manage not only how much power an EV draws from a building, but also how much the EV sends back to the building or grid. These vehicle-to-grid transactions could be the key to powering our cities and nations using 100% renewable energy. Today, clean energy penetration is limited since there is no mass storage solution for storing solar energy collected at off-peak times and releasing it in the evenings and early mornings. Our goal is to use EVs as a smart energy storage resource to help the world transition to 100% renewable energy.


ChargeLab is trusted by Canada’s most established institutions; clients include the Government of Canada, REITs and various electrical utilities. We are partnered with Rogers, supported by Singularity University and McGill University, and are a member of the Open Charge Alliance – a global consortium of electric vehicle infrastructure leaders.